Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness (Formerly 19H2S1)

Course Information

Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness is the course designed to create awareness of industry standards for working with and around Hydrogen Sulfide (H2s), and to show workers how to keep themselves and fellow workers safe.


Some additional training may be necessary to meet actual site-specific requirements.


Recommended For

All construction and contracted maintenance and services personnel involved in working with or around a Hydrogen Sulfide environment.


Course Content

Safety Essentials TM Lockout/Tagout (SE-H2S) is part of the Safety Essentials Suite. This training uses adult learning theories and engaging curriculum a basic understanding of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). By the end of the training, learners will be able to identify the risks associated with H2S, recognize the symptoms of exposure, and respond appropriately in emergency situations. 

Topics covered:

  • Overview of H2S
  • Properties of H2S
  • Air Monitors
  • Limits and Symptoms of Exposure
  • Emergency and Rescue Procedures



  • Computer training

    $40 Member / $45 Non-Member

  • Classroom instruction

    Not available for classroom instruction.


Course Details

Course Code: SE-H2S
Course Length (approx.): 30 Minutes plus Test
Course Expiration: 1 Year from Class Date
Passing Score Required: 80 %
Retakes Allowed: Yes, but must pay for each retake
Language: English
Reader Assistance Allowed: No
ID Requirements: Students must present a valid (not expired) U.S. State or Federal ID with photo
Handouts: No
Course Exceptions:


Additional Course Notes:



No verbal assistance or coaching allowed at testing
 SE-H2S tests throughout with TWO opportunities to answer each question, with a total of 10 questions                presented.                      


Valid ARSC Card (BOP/BOPR): No
Social Security Verification (SSV): No
Background Screen: No
Medical Services: No


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