KCUC Safety Course Guidelines and Policies



All students should be registered prior to attending a class.  Registrations shall be submitted by Noon of the business day prior to the requested class.  Registration forms should be completed online at www.kcuc.org. Please contact the KCUC office if submitting registration via fax or email.

All registrations will be confirmed via return fax or email.


Non-Registered Students

Non-registered students may or may not be permitted in class, depending on available capacity in our classrooms and computer lab. We strongly urge that all students be registered in advance of attending.


Class Time

Students should report to the training location 30 minutes before the scheduled class start-time to complete the registration process.  Please check your class registration confirmation for the start time and information.


Late-arriving students who have not completed registration by the start of a class will not be permitted into the class, but will be charged for the cost of the class. Absent students will also be charged for the class.


If a student must leave the class prior to completion, they must notify KCUC prior to leaving. Without a legitimate excuse, the full price of the class will be charged for students leaving after registration.


Classes at KCUC do not break for lunch and there are no vending services. Coffee, water, and cookies are available to students, or they may bring their own food and refreshments but not inside our computer lab.



A registration may be cancelled at no charge if the cancellation is made at least by Noon of the business day prior to the scheduled class; otherwise, the full course fee will be charged.

Instructor-led classes are subject to a minimum number of registrations in order to be held. Notification of a cancelled class will be given two business days prior to the scheduled class, and no fees will be charged.



Payment is due before the scheduled class begins, either in person or during the online registration process. We accept company check (made out to KCUC), credit card (VISA, MasterCard and American Express) and cash. We do not store any credit card information and do not accept personal checks.

Invoiced billing must be pre-authorized and set up prior to beginning any class.



Photo identification is required of all students and must be a valid, unexpired U.S. Government issued identification card or license that contains a current photograph.  Acceptable forms of identification include a current driver’s license, state issued identification card, military identification card, TWIC card, or U.S. passport. Students without photo identification may take and pay for the class, but will not receive a KCUC card until such photo identification is shown.

In addition, KCUC will have Social Security Verification (SSV) performed for students taking reciprocal safety programs and, if required by the Owner, facility site orientations. These students will be required to produce their Social Security card at the time of class registration, unless their valid photo identification card contains their Social Security number. If the photo identification card does not contain their Social Security number and their Social Security card is not available, the student’s employer must send KCUC the student’s legal name, Social Security number, and state of residence on the employer’s letterhead. If the required information is not produced or if verification cannot be obtained, the student may take the training but will not be issued a KCUC card until the verification is completed successfully. The student or employer must still pay for the class. The student must also complete a Social Security Verification Release form. SSV is a one-time requirement.


Reciprocal Cards

KCUC recognizes Basic Orientation Plus™ (BOP), Basic Orientation Plus-Refresher™ (BOPR), and other ARSC-approved reciprocal training delivered by other ARSC councils. Students must be able to present identification cards issued by other ARSC councils, as well as acceptable form of identification. KCUC must confirm reciprocal training with the originating council prior to letting a student begin classes.


Non-Reciprocal Cards

Non-reciprocal cards may be issued to students for non-reciprocal classes or for receiving assistance while testing, such as verbal or translated tests. Non-reciprocal cards will also be issued to students presenting a foreign passport as photo identification. Non-reciprocal training is not accepted by other ARSC councils. Furthermore, it may not be accepted by some of the Owner sites in each council, depending upon the company’s entrance requirements.


Students Requiring Special Assistance

All reciprocal programs will be taught in English, and successful completion of these programs must be accomplished in written English. Any other program and/or test format (for example, program conducted in other than English, or oral or reading assistance testing) will not be acceptable in terms of the reciprocity agreements with other ARSC councils and may have validity only on a local level at certain Owner facilities. Students must understand that some facilities will not allow workers needing any of the following special assistance.

Non-Readers: KCUC’s Non-Written Testing policy applies to persons unable to read or have reading comprehension difficulty including persons with certifiable reading/writing disabilities as outlined by the American with Disabilities Act documented by qualified physicians. Accommodation will be made at no cost provided that the employer and/or student request reading assistance prior to the test.

Non-English Speaking: Non-English speaking students may take and pass courses conducted in their native language. At this time, the only non-English course offered is the Spanish version of the Basic Orientation Plus (BOP) program. Please contact the KCUC office for information and fees.

Hearing Impaired: Hearing impaired students may register for courses provided they arrange, at their own expense, for their own interpreter to be present during the course. The interpreter must first take the course and achieve a passing grade. The interpreter will then be allowed to perform the interpreting, but may not assist while the student is taking the written test.


Refresher & Site-Specific Students

Students returning to KCUC for BOPR or site-specific training shall bring their ARSC or KCUC card and photo identification with them. An updated KCUC card will be issued to the student upon completion of training.


Replacement of Lost or Damaged KCUC Cards

A request for replacement shall first be submitted via phone at least one business day prior to the student’s arrival time. The student must then personally come to the KCUC office and present a valid photo ID. The cardholder or employer must pay $10.00 for the replacement card. KCUC-issued cards remain the property of KCUC and may be revoked at any time. Individuals producing valid identification will be issued a replacement card for the $10.00 fee regardless of employment status.


Course Completion

Successful course completion requires a passing score on the test. Students who do not achieve a passing score will be required to re-take the entire course (see clarification for BOPR in next section).  Successful completion of Basic Orientation Plus (BOP) or Basic Orientation Plus-Refresher (BOPR) is required before site-specific training can be taken.

Students are given a photo badge as proof of a passing score.


Failing a Class

Students who fail a BOP test may take the class again at the applicable course fee at the next scheduled class.

Students who fail a BOPR test will be required to take the BOP course at the applicable course fee.

Students who fail a BOP class a second time are required to wait at least two weeks before taking the class again at the applicable course fee.

Students who do not attain a passing score on the test of a computer-based course (except BOPR) may retake the class at the applicable class fee. Please check with KCUC on when that class may be taken again.



Prohibited items and behaviors, such as (but not limited to) those listed below, may result in a student’s temporary or permanent suspension from KCUC. Suspended students will not receive credit or a refund for paid fees. Students rejected or dismissed for these issues will forfeit the class and its cost, but may register for future classes. However, the first offense brings a 30 day waiting period and a second offense requires a one year wait to reschedule. Furthermore, students returning to KCUC to complete a course after being suspended will be charged the normal rate to retake the course.

KCUC strictly prohibits any of the following items or behaviors on our premises:

  • Weapons, firearms, illegal drugs, or alcoholic beverages
  • Sexual harassment or harassment of any kind or disruptive behavior
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Recording or copying any course or test content
  • Possession or use of any personal electronic device (phones, smart watches, computers, pagers, tablets, translators, organizers, radios, etc.)
  • Cheating or falsifying identification
  • Foul, abusive, or inappropriate language
  • Sleeping or not paying attention during class (two warnings maximum)
  • Use of any tobacco products inside the training center. This includes chewing tobacco and snuff, and also e-cigarettes and vaping products.     The designated smoking area is located outside the building entrance.
  • Defacing, damaging or destroying any KCUC, training center or building property


Dress Code and Cleanliness

Students should wear clean, casual, comfortable clothes and display good personal hygiene. KCUC prohibits any clothing displaying nudity, sexual or vulgar behavior, and/or obscene or offensive words or pictures.

Students’ shoes and clothing must be clean and free from dirt, mud, chemicals, dusts, grease, oil, etc. Students who are soiled or have soiled clothing or shoes will be asked to wash, change, or cover up to avoid damage to the facilities or contamination of others.


Work Gear

Students are asked to leave their work gear in their vehicles. KCUC cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items nor are they needed for class.


Personal Electronics

Possession or use of any personal electronic equipment in our training center is prohibited. These include phones, smart watches, pagers, computers, tablets, translators, organizers, radios and other similar equipment. Use of this equipment is restricted to authorized break times only. Recording equipment of any kind is prohibited.

Messages may be left for students by calling the KCUC office at 502-775-5968.



Students shall park their vehicles on the East side of the Austin Building, or as designated by the KCUC administrative staff.


Safety Center Rules and Guidelines

All students must review and understand the above rules/guidelines; policy violations will not be tolerated. These guidelines and rules shall also apply to mobile classes conducted by KCUC.


Rev. 01/01/2020