About Kentuckiana Construction Users Council


The Kentuckiana Construction Users Council, Inc. (KCUC) is a 501(c)3 professional organization chartered by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in January 1972 to serve the construction and maintenance industry in the greater Louisville, Kentucky and southern Indiana area. KCUC was originally founded by Owner companies who were concerned with having available a properly trained, safe and cost effective contractor workforce needed to work at their local industrial sites. KCUC has since expanded membership to include contractors, trade and labor organizations, professional services community, and other firms that provide goods and services to the construction and maintenance industry.

Shortly after its founding, KCUC became a Local User Council sponsored by the Construction Committee of the Business Roundtable. This Construction Committee later evolved into the Constructions Users Roundtable (CURT) in 2001, with KCUC continuing its Local User Council affiliation.

Also in 2001, KCUC joined the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils, Inc. (ARSC) as a safety council member to provide its general site safety orientation program (Basic Orientation Plus) and other ARSC-developed safety training. Basic Orientation Plus allows workers to receive a uniform basic package of safety information needed at Owner sites, which eliminates redundant orientations at many Owner facilities.  The successful implementation and acceptance of this orientation program allowed KCUC to become the first Local Users Council to win a Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award from CURT in November 2003.



KCUC is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

Its Mission is to provide consistent and cost effective safety education that conforms to regulatory standards and industry accepted practices and to be a model of workforce development promoting craft and professional growth throughout the greater Louisville area.

KCUC strives to enhance or fulfill the above Mission by:

  • Providing safety orientation and training programs for the construction and maintenance community.
  • Providing a forum for continuing education of Owners, contractors, and contractor associations about issues affecting the industry.
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of non-proprietary factual information and viewpoints with Owners, contractors, and contractor associations.
  • Informing users of construction about current issues involving work practices, jurisdictional requirements, and local codes.


KCUC Membership Benefits

Since its incorporation in January 1972, KCUC has promoted safety, education, innovation, quality improvement, and cost reduction in construction and maintenance.

KCUC strives to provide a forum for effective exchange of non-proprietary information and views to help Members improve their Business Operations, and to continue to offer safety training and orientation classes to enhance worker and worksite safety.

Membership in KCUC is by Company, and benefits are extended to the employees of its member companies.

The annual dues provide educational, networking, professional development, and cost-saving benefits to Members that include:

  • Registration and participation at monthly KCUC meetings, with no added cost for meals; these meetings provide professional networking opportunities and feature a Guest Speaker on a timely industry topic
  • Reduced rates at KCUC seminars and the KCUC safety classes; for example, Members save $10 per participant in the ARSC Basic Orientation Plus program
  • Participation on various KCUC committees such as Safety and Workforce Development; this provides Members the opportunity to enhance their team-working and leadership skills
  • Participation in various KCUC-supported initiatives for high school students to help prepare the next generation of engineers, technicians, and construction/maintenance professionals. These include the ACE Mentor Program, SkillsUSA, and Construction Career Days.
  • Access to national construction trends and publications from the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT)
  • Reduced rate for attending the CURT National Construction Conference
  • Participation in the annual Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE) Awards program

KCUC strives to help its Members achieve the best possible results by making the industry safer, promoting overall cost effectiveness and productivity, and improving the way construction and maintenance is planned, managed, and executed.