Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery HF Alky 3

Course Information

Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery HF Alky 3 is the Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation (HF Alky) Unit orientation for the Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery facility located on Galveston Bay, off the entrance to the Houston Ship Channel, in Texas City, TX. The purpose of this orientation is to inform contractor personnel of general safety rules, regulations, practices, and principles associated with the Hydrofluoric Acid dangers in the Galveston Bay Refinery.

Please see the following NOTES for specific information.

1) Students must have a currently valid ARSC card (BOP/BOPR) prior to taking this course.

2) Contractor must be on Marathon’s Authorized Contractor List.

3) Prior to taking this course, the student must have successfully completed courses 07GBRLCS Life Safety Critical; 07GBRSPP Safety Practices and Policies; and 07GBRSAE Security and Environmental.

4) The student MUST successfully complete courses 07GBRLCS Life Safety Critical; 07GBRSPP Safety Practices and Policies; 07GBRSAE Security and Environmental; and 07GBRFQ Face-to-Face prior to facility entry.  In addition, students must also complete course 07GBRHF HF Alky 3 if they will be working in the facility’s HF Alky unit.
NOTE: This course 07GBRHF will also be given to students who will be working in the HF Acid Alkylation Unit of the Marathon Texas City facility.

5) Students will receive a card with course code 07GBR-F once the four courses (see Note 4 above) have been successfully completed. Course code 07GBRHF will also appear on the card for students who successfully completed that HF Alky 3 course.


Recommended For

All construction and contracted maintenance and services personnel who will be working at this site.


Course Content

This course includes review of the following topics:

  • Physical Properties of HF Acid
  • Associated Hazards
  • Leak Detection Techniques
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Physiological Effects
  • Effects of Exposure & First Aid Treatment
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Leak Reporting Procedures



  • Computer training

    $40 Member / $45 Non-Member

  • Classroom instruction

    Not available for classroom instruction.


Course Details

Course Code: 07GBRHF
Course Length (approx.): 60 Minutes plus Test
Course Expiration: 1 Year from Class Date
Passing Score Required: 85%
Retakes Allowed: Yes, and must pay for each retake
Language: English
Reader Assistance Allowed: No
ID Requirements: Students must present a valid (not expired) U.S. State or Federal ID with photo and separate Social Security card if the SSN is not on the ID


Valid ARSC Card (BOP/BOPR): Yes
Social Security Verification (SSV): Yes
Other: Yes – see requirements for Marathon’s Authorized Contractor List           
Background Check: Yes – must complete a Graded Background Check from either S2Verify or First Advantage with a grade of 00 to 02


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