Zeon Chemical Specific Training Orientation

Course Information

Zeon Chemical Specific Training Orientation is a site-specific course prior to performing work at the Zeon Chemicals facility in Louisville, KY.


1) Students must have a currently valid ARSC card (BOP/BOPR) before taking this course.

2) Prior to taking this course, students must have successfully completed course 22ZEONSAFE Zeon Contractor Safety Orientation.


Recommended For

All construction and contracted maintenance and services personnel who will be working at this site and are required to take this course.


Course Content

This course covers various topics relating to the major chemicals on this site, with the following course objectives:

  • Understand the health hazards associated with exposure to Acrylonitrile (AN), Butadiene (BD), and Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)
  • Know the quantity, location, use and storage of AN, BD, and NH3 at Zeon
  • Understand the safety issues when working with AN, BD, and NH3
  • Know what to do to protect yourself from exposure to AN, BD, and NH3
  • Know your rights should you become exposed to AN or BD

NOTE: Additional training requirements may be needed depending upon the scope of work. Please refer to your contract or your Zeon Chemical onsite contact for further training requirements.



  • Computer training

    $35 Member / $40 Non-Member

  • Classroom instruction

    Available for classroom instruction for larger classes at same pricing.


Course Details

Course Code: 22ZEONCHEM
Course Length (approx.): 60 Minutes plus Test
Course Expiration: 1 Year from Class Date
Passing Score Required: 80%
Retakes Allowed: Yes, maximum of 1 retake per day allowed, then must wait at least one week; must pay for each retake
Language: English
Reader Assistance Allowed: Yes – for testing only
ID Requirements: Students must present a valid (not expired) U.S. State or Federal ID with photo and separate Social Security card  if the SSN is not on the ID – No Exceptions
Course Exceptions: Any Exceptions must be approved by Zeon Management


Valid ARSC Card (BOP/BOPR): Yes
Social Security Verification (SSV): Yes
 Other Courses: 22ZEONSAFE Zeon Contractor Safety Orientation
 Drug Screen:  Yes – per Zeon requirements
 Background Check:  Yes – per Zeon requirements


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